CPT Metal Cutting Services

Custom Precision Technologies metal fabrication services include waterjet cutting, shearing, sawing, tapping, threading and press brake forming.

As part of our diversified metal cutting services CPT provides several ways to cut your metal to your specifications.  Don’t have the starting stock?  No problem, CPT can supply it.

WaterJet Machining

Waterjet cutting uses a combination of extremely high water pressure and abrasive to cut a programmed shape/pattern into virtually any type of metal.  It is a very versatile way to cut metal.  Because of its small kerf and ability to tightly nest parts it can be a more economical method to cut many metals.


Shearing is a cutting force applied perpendicular to material causing the material to yield and break. Shearing is a process for cutting sheet metal to size out of a larger stock. Shears are used as the preliminary step in preparing stock for stamping processes, or smaller blanks for CNC presses.
Custom Precision Technologies offers metal shearing services to our customers requiring this metal-fabricating service. Our sheet metal shear includes programmable back gauging to insure precision and accuracy.

CPToperates a metal shear with a capacity of:

Gauge: Up to 0.25” (1/4”)

Length: Up to 20’ (longer when on a coil)

Width: Up to 10’

Tolerance: +/-.015 (tighter tolerances can be offered on as quoted basis)

Note: If your material exceeds the capacities of our shear, CPT can waterjet cut it.


 CPT shearing


Custom Precision Technologies uses a semi-automatic band saw to cut your material to length.  We achieve close tolerances, we offer competitive prices and we work to provide our customers with the fastest turn-around possible.

We can saw cut virtually any shape bar:

                 • Round       • Square      • Rectangle      • Flat stock       • Extruded

CPT regularly cuts 10” diameter round bar and 10”x12” square bar.

CPT can cut to length practically any type of metal—aluminum, stainless, titanium and high-temp alloys such as, inconel, hastelloy and waspaloy.


 CPT sawing

Additional Operations

Once your material is cut we would be happy to perform your second operation. CPT can add holes & slots, tap/thread, press brake/bend, debur & more.