Waterjet Advantages

Custom Precision Technologies 

How waterjet cutting can benefit your company:

Waterjet cutting advantages:
  • Cutting tolerances as close as +/-.003″, depending on material & thickness
  • High positional accuracies of +/-.001″
  • No taper, specialized tilting head allows material up to 4” thick to be cut without any taper
  • Large cutting envelope, 6.5’ x 13’
  • No Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) means no hardened edges
  • Cut almost any material, Aluminum to Zinc, with composites, glass, plastic, & titanium (to name just a few) in between
  • Maximum material yield with small kerf and tight nesting
  • Can cut laminated & coated materials (Powder, PVC, UV, Ceramic, Plastic, Chromed, Anodized), regardless of coating thickness
  • Can cut material with a low melting point since no heat is applied
  • No distortion or warping of materials
How waterjet cutting can benefit your company:
  • Lower costs- more parts from less material
  • Lower overall machining costs if you waterjet cut net shape parts first, to significantly reduce finish machining costs
  • Good machined edge finish available, which means no burrs or slag eliminating the need for secondary finishing
  • Thin gage material, especially polycarbonates can be stacked for multiple part generation from one cut
  • No heat is applied so there are no changes to the properties of the material, (No HAZ) which is important if working with tool steel, stainless steels or aerospace metals.
  • Fast turnaround, and lower costs on prototypes – without the lead times and costs of creating custom dies or fixtures.