CPT Markets Served


Custom Precision Technologies waterjet machines many components used in aerospace applications.

Our tight tolerances, and precise inspection methods assure that we ship only conforming parts with full material traceability which are necessary requirements in the aerospace industry.


Custom gears, gaskets, replacement/spare parts, spacers, plates with threaded bolt holes, and machine skins, illustrate just a few project types we handle.

Custom Precision Technologies knows how to work with manufacturers to get your parts successfully fabricated. Working from .DXF or .DWG files or directly from blue prints, CPT has the expertise to create the parts you need.

Machine Shops

Waterjet cutting allows the economical blanking out of parts before they are machined. Let Custom Precision Technologies quickly cut parts to shape saving you time, plus wear and tear on your CNC machines (tooling) by netting your shapes with no heat affected zone.CPT can also serve as a “shop assist” to machine shops running lasers.

Our waterjet machines can cut thicker material and reflective material where lasers have difficulty.

Metal Distributors

Although metal distributors usually have some in-house cutting capabilities, Custom Precision Technologies routinely cuts metal for distributors when in-house equipment does not have the necessary capabilities.

Because of our quick turn-around, distributors often use CPT’s metal cutting services when:

  • In-house equipment is out of service (planned or unplanned);
  • Customer lead-times are shorter than can be accomplished in-house;
  • In-house equipment does not have the necessary capabilities


Custom Precision Technologies cuts a wide variety of marine specification parts, from gaskets to plates to brackets.These parts are used in a varied range of applications: boats/yachts, engines, engine supports, davits, and lifts.

CPT also cuts fiberglass for many different applications within the marine industry.

Armor Plate / Bullet Proof Glass

CPT cuts armor plate for a variety of armored vehicles:

Ground Based:  Tanks, Military Carriers, and Armored Vans/SUV’s

Air Based: Helicopters.  Frequently cut parts are doors, floors and body panels; or inserts for each.

CPT cuts armor plate from armor grade steel & aluminum, and composites such as Kevlar & Spectra Shield.

CPT also waterjet cuts Bullet Proof Glass.

Custom Gaskets

A common part type we see among most of the different industries we service is custom gaskets.Many of CPT’s customers use waterjet to create gaskets for prototypes & low production runs instead of having costly dies made.

Whether you are looking for custom gaskets, lock plate gaskets, head gaskets, filter gaskets, copper exhaust gaskets, engine cylinder head gaskets, parking light gaskets, intake exhaust manifold gaskets, old rotator gaskets, rubber silicone gaskets, or more; CPThelp you create the exact custom gasket that you need.

CPT can cut gaskets from a wide assortment of materials including stainless steel, copper, rubber, polycarbonates & more.



Whatever you can conceive, Custom Precision Technologies can cut.

Our waterjet machines are capable of cutting intricate patterns in brushed or polished metals, plastics or many other materials from your CAD file with beautiful results.

Sign logos and fonts will be reproduced with complete accuracy.

We can make indoor or outdoor signs.

No CAD file, not a problem, if you can explain the design you want & provide basic dimensions, our in house staff can help design it.

If you are a professional signage design firm, simply email us a .dxf or .dwg artwork file and or staff will quickly have your signage is ready for waterjet cutting.