Custom Precision Technologies waterjet machines many components used in aerospace applications. Our tight tolerances, and precise inspection methods assure that we ship only conforming parts with full material traceability which are necessary requirements in the aerospace industry.


Custom Precision Technologies cuts a wide variety of marine specification parts, from gaskets to plates to brackets. These parts are used in a varied range of applications: boats/yachts, engines, engine supports, davits, and lifts.


CPT also cuts fiberglass for many different applications within the marine industry.


Custom gears, gaskets, replacement/spare parts, spacers, plates with threaded bolt holes, and machine skins, illustrate just a few of the project types we handle.


Custom Precision Technologies knows how to work with manufacturers to get your parts successfully fabricated. Working from .DXF or .DWG files or directly from blue prints, CPT has the expertise to create the parts you need.

Machine Shops

Waterjet cutting allows the economical blanking out of parts before they are machined. Let Custom Precision Technologies quickly cut parts to shape saving you time, plus wear and tear on your CNC machines (tooling) by netting your shapes with no heat affected zone.


CPT can also serve as a “shop assist” to machine shops running lasers. Our waterjet machines can cut thicker material and reflective material where lasers have difficulty.

Armor Plate / Bullet Proof

Shearing is a cutting force applied perpendicular to material causing the material to yield and break. Shearing is a process for cutting sheet metal to size out of a larger stock. 


CPT uses a semi-automatic band saw to cut your material to length. We achieve close tolerances, we offer competitive prices and we work to provide our customers with the fastest turn-around possible.

Metal Distributors

Here you can find a comprehensive list of the materials that we can fabricate for our customers. They range from metals to composites and plastics.

Custom Gaskets

Once your material is cut we would be happy to perform your second operation. CPT can add holes & slots, tap/thread, press brake/bend, debur & more.


 Custom Precision Technologies (CPT) located in Pompano Beach serves South Florida customers in their metal fabrication and prototyping needs. Conveniently located in Broward County, CPT offers its cutting and fabrication services to a wide range of companies in the Tri County Area: Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, as well as the rest of the US.

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