The Art and Science of Sheet Metal: Exploring the Craft of Sheet Metal Shops

The Art and Science of Sheet Metal: Exploring the Craft of Sheet Metal Shops

Sheet metal fabrication is a type of manufacturing with applications for making parts both functional and artistic. Industrial sheet metal fabrication combines precision engineering with the artistry of fabrication to create functional products that are aesthetically pleasing as well. Even high volume production can involve requirements for both appearance and functional performance. 

The different techniques of sheet metal fabrication

A sheet metal shop often employs a variety of equipment in order to achieve the desired part designs, with most guided by computer programming and others controlled manually by an experienced operator. 


The most common technique used in sheet metal fabrication is cutting. This can take several different forms, such as waterjet cutting and fiber laser cutting. This is typically the first step in making a part, either by cutting the sheet down to size and dimension, or by nesting several parts within the sheet before sending those cut parts off to the next step. 


Bending is another type of metal forming common to sheet metal. Once the initial workpiece or workpieces are cut to size, some may need to be bent into a specific shape. This includes folding the sheet at a very specific angle in order to achieve the right dimensions. 


Welding is a common technique used in sheet metal fabrication, especially for assembly purposes. There are several different welding methods available, some of which are meant to join two parts of the same material together, while others can join together two different metals. Welding also offers a more lightweight assembly than riveting and fastening, as well as a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance when performed correctly. 

The benefits of an expert sheet metal shop

Sheet metal fabrication is a vital part of nearly any manufacturing industry. A good sheet metal fabrication shop can provide its customers with high-strength parts and a high flexibility in the designs and materials that they can accommodate. This type of manufacturing is also known for offering excellent accuracy and repeatability across production volumes, while being an excellent choice for fast prototyping of components. Regardless of the actual application, whether functional or decorative, across the many different markets, a good sheet metal shop has much to offer the manufacturing industry. 

Are you looking for a sheet metal fabrication shop?

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