Innovations in Sheet Metal Work: How CPT is Pushing the Boundaries of Fabrication

Innovations in Sheet Metal Work: How CPT is Pushing the Boundaries of Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is an industry that is constantly evolving and adapting in order to keep up with stricter quality standards, harsher environments, and tighter tolerances. New technologies and fabrication techniques continue to emerge, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Custom Precision Technologies (CPT) is one such fabrication shop that is constantly looking for ways to invest in new technologies. Our goal is not just to keep ourselves up-to-date–we want to always find ways to provide better service and better product quality to our customers.

Fiber Laser Cutters–the latest development in laser cutting technology

Fiber laser cutting is currently the most recent development in cutting technology. This type of equipment utilizes active optical fibers to create a laser, which is then transported to the cutting head through a transport fiber, condensed into a narrow beam. That beam can then cut through a variety of metals in varying thicknesses with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Thanks to the fibers, these lasers are much more powerful than traditional laser cutters, because they can better concentrate the light and provide higher power. 

CPT has invested in a 6Kw Amada-brand fiber laser with specialized CAD/CAM software that precisely controls the cutter for tight tolerances and intricate designs. The speed of this laser has greatly improved not just the quality but also the efficiency that we can offer our customers in metal fabrication.

Waterjet Cutting–Eliminating Secondary Processing

Waterjet cutting is another recent development in sheet metal fabrication technology that CPT has been investing in. Conditioned water is highly pressurized and then fed at high speed through the cutting head, resulting in a controlled and precise stream that can cut through virtually any metal.

CPT’s equipment is controlled by state of the art CAD/CAM software, providing consistent quality and precision across part batches. The major benefit of waterjet cutting however is that it generates low cutting force and little heat compared to other cutting methods, avoiding the potential for distortion or the introduction of internal stresses. Parts can be completed without the need for any secondary processing to correct dimensional defects. 

Waterjet cutting also benefits our customers as well. This process is typically much more cost effective because it can produce more parts from less material, and can create net or near-net shapes without any extra machining. This service also offers faster turnaround times and low prototyping costs, as it does not require the need to create custom dies or fixtures in order to produce new products. 

Partner with CPT for expert and innovative sheet metal fabrication

Custom Precision Technologies has been providing specialty water-jet cutting since our inception, and added our fiber laser to our facility in 2021, along with a new press brake and Timesaver in order to further expand the services that we could offer to our customers. If you’re interested in partnering with us, contact us to request a quote and learn more.

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